Copyright (C) 2003-2012 by Massimo Modica, Daniele Giannarini, Marco Modica
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.


Operating system:


Full screen mode requires 1024 × 768 resolution.

Weather effects require a faster pc: if you experience slowdown, you can limit the intensity or disable them at all from menu "MATCH OPTIONS"


keyb a (default) arrows, C, V
keyb b (default) A, S, W, Z, COMMA, PERIOD
joy 1 joy port 1
joy 2 joy port 2


P pause the game
R replay the last few seconds of the game
R (during replay) toggle slow-motion
button2 (during replay) toggle 4-speed slow motion
spacebar save the last few seconds of the game as highlight
H watch highlights - only operates when the full-time statistics are being displayed
ALT + F1 quit the game
F5 - F6 decrease - increase volume of the sound effects
F8 toggle match commentary on/off
F10 toggle crowd chants on/off
F12 toggle auto replays on/off


English Italiano Français Deutsch Español
P - Passing P - Passare P - Passe P - Passen F - Pasar
V - Shooting C - Calciare R - Puissance de tir G - Shußkraft G - Golpear
H - Heading T - Testa T - Tête K - Kopfball C - Cabeza
T - Tackling F - Tackle I - Tacle Z - Zweikampf T - Tacklear
C - Ball Control A - Abilità C - Contrôle du ballon B - Ballkontrolle B - Control de la bola
S - Speed V - Velocità V - Rapidité S - Geschwindigkeit V - Velocidad
F - Finishing S - Segnare A - Finition A - Abschlußstärke F - Finalizar
Ellinika Polski Estonian    
P - Pasarisma P - Passsing S - Passing    
S - Soyt V - Shooting L - Shooting    
O - Provuhsh G - Heading SU - Heading    
T - Taklin O - Tackling T - Tackling    
X - Xeirismos mpalas K - Ball control PV - Ball control    
A - Taxythta S - Speed K - Speed    
R - Telikh prospaueia F - Finishing L - Finishing    


Each time you select a player, it will be copied in a temporary memory.

Using this feature you can clone, move and copy players:

- Duplicate: select a player, then click on New to add an identical player (it's a good starting point when adding players)

- Transfer: select a player, click an Delete and Save. Then edit the destination team, then click New.

- Add to national team: select a player from a club team, then Exit and edit the national team, then click New.

To empty the temporary memory simply select then deselect any player.


To add the logo of your favourite team you need a 70x70 pixel, graphic file in png format, 256 colors with transparency.
For example, to add the logo of F.C. Internazionale:

1) Create, if it doesn't exist, a directory with the name of the federation in yoda_soccer/images/logos
For F.C.Internazionale you will create the directory yoda_soccer/images/logos/ita

2) Copy the file in the new directory and rename the file, the first three characters must be equal to the sequential number of the team in his country.
For F.C.Internazionale, the sequential number is 005. Then the logo can be named: "005.png" or "005_Internazionale.png" or "005_whatever.png"

The tables of sequential numbers for all federations will be gradually added in the /codes subdirectory.


Copy commentary from the SWOS CD into the directory yoda_soccer/sfx/commentary, then convert to ogg and rename them to hear the original SWOS commentary! You can also use different commentary available in some swos websites.

1) goal M158_1_.raw ic01-fc01-gc01.raw 101.ogg
M158_2_.raw ic02-fc02-gc02.raw 102.ogg
M158_3_.raw ic03-fc03-gc03.raw 103.ogg
M158_4_.raw ic04-fc04-gc04.raw 104.ogg
M158_5_.raw ic05-fc05-gc05.raw 105.ogg
M158_7_.raw ic06-fc06-gc06.raw 106.ogg
2) own-goal M158_p_.raw ic15-fc15-gc15.raw 201.ogg
M158_q_.raw ic16-fc16-gc16.raw 202.ogg
M158_s_.raw ic17-fc17-gc17.raw 203.ogg
M158_t_.raw ic18-fc18-gc18.raw 204.ogg
M158_x_.raw ic19-fc19-gc19.raw 205.ogg
M158_y_.raw ic20-fc20-gc20.raw 206.ogg
2) corner M10_v_.raw ic62-fc62-gc62.raw 301.ogg
M10_w_.raw ic63-fc63-gc63.raw 302.ogg
M10_y_.raw ic64-fc64-gc64.raw 303.ogg
M313_1_.raw ic65-fc65-gc65.raw 304.ogg
M313_2_.raw ic66-fc66-gc66.raw 305.ogg
M313_3_.raw ic67-fc67-gc67.raw 306.ogg


Jon Hare, Chris Chapman, Chris Yates, Stoo Cambridge and all Sensible crew for existing, Matt Septhon for his good clone which gave us the desire to start, Jonathan Daniel for his good page about swos tactics file, Mark McCormack for his availability and help, Asgaroth for his accurate testing and his suggestions, StephanK for his testing, comments and for help with German language (and also RedHair), Panagiotis Zigouris for the Greek language, Konrad Zalewski for the Polish language, Bianca for national flags, Ockham for the CONMEBOL update, Podo for Slovenian language, Guh, Samurai Blue and SirPeter for kits, Heiki for Estonian language, Stage7 for japanese kits, Sebastien Claudel for french manual and thanks to all Sensi fans which follow this project! Comments, suggestions & contributions are welcome!!


Daniele Giannarini (graphics), Marco Modica (music) and Massimo Modica (programming)

email: massimo.modica@tin.it