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This page will contain detailed technical info about the game.

At present the game is based on swos tactics. Some informations about SWOS tactics are available here:

SWOS re-creation in Java - Tactics File Analysis by Jonathan Daniel


The Yoda Soccer team file format (.yst) is a simple text file. It allows team's rosters with up to 32 players, many shirt colors, and other features that will be implemented in the future. You can create and edit files using the internal editor.

You can also edit the files using a simple text editor (e.g. Notepad), doing this way it is also possible to add/remove teams and modify the divisions.
You find a commented example of team file here.
Warning: codes for hair cuts changed in version 0.71!

The format is an extension and is derived from the SWOS team file format. The structure is described in the following document (to be completed):

SWOS team file format

Yoda Soccer database incudes all FIFA federations. A complete list is available here:

FIFA Country Codes - by Peter Young, Alan Brook and Josh Benn

The same list in txt format.


last update: 29 Dec 2004

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