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# 150 Name: Michele Age: 31 Nationality: ITALIA
URL:   Play SWOS since: dallinizio
Favourite player(s): Gianluigi Buffon Favourite team(s): Inter
Comment: Bravi, finalmente trovo una edizione di Sensible che gira decentemente su XP... siete dei maghi. I file delle altre squadre (ho solo linstallazione della beta 0.69 di default) dove li trovo? ve lo scrivo altrove va... siete grandissimi!


# 149 Name: TiNtO Age: 20 Nationality: Portuguese
URL:   Play SWOS since: 2004
Favourite player(s): Cristiano Ronaldo Favourite team(s): Sporting
Comment: good job! this game rullez!


# 148 Name: lala Age: 25 Nationality: czech
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1990
Favourite player(s): Nedved Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Great game, very good job!


# 147 Name: Wayne Age: 17 Nationality: German
URL:   Play SWOS since:  
Favourite player(s): Craig Bellamy Favourite team(s): Newcastle United
Comment: Das Spiele ist so geil da könnteman 10 h am Stück nur spielen,schade das man da keine Liga und so machen kann. lg


# 146 Name: Martin Age: 18 Nationality: German
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1994
Favourite player(s): Gerald Asamoah Favourite team(s): Inter
Comment: Nice game! Since I had to realize that Sensible Soccer does not work anymore on my Computer, Yoda Soccer is a great solution for my problem :D


# 145 Name: Matteo Age: 26 Nationality: Italian
URL:   Play SWOS since: 2000
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Im waiting to do a complete carreer at yoda soccer!!!


# 144 Name: Rachel Age: 20 Nationality: Brazilian
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1996
Favourite player(s): Mia Hamm, Sarah Afshar Favourite team(s): USA, Iran, Brazil
Comment: Sarah Afshar use to help coach for you guys and I heard about the site through her group. I just want to say that its a great site. Keep up the great job with it. Blessed be. -Rachel


# 143 Name: patrick afubera Age: 27 Nationality: nigerian
URL: Play SWOS since:  
Favourite player(s): kanu and jayjay Favourite team(s): arsenal and bolton
Comment: i love kanu and his heart foundation


# 142 Name: AshOsborne Age: 24 Nationality: German
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1996
Favourite player(s): Bodo Illgner Favourite team(s): 1. FC Köln
Comment: Uahh, I cant bear the time without any new development!! When does the next release come??? :) Greetz Ash


# 141 Name: adefe ebi Age: 25 Nationality: nigeria
URL: Play SWOS since:  
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  


# 140 Name: Danzie Age: 26 Nationality: Belg
URL: Play SWOS since: 1995
Favourite player(s): Patrick Goots Favourite team(s): Antwerp
Comment: Thank you for bringing swos back to live in yoda soccer


# 139 Name: stefalois Age:   Nationality: ITALIANO!!!!!
URL:   Play SWOS since: 94
Favourite player(s): totti Favourite team(s): roma
Comment: Dai ragazzi, nn mollate mai questo fantastico progetto, ricordate ke cè sempre qualcuno ke vi segue e ke ha fiducia ke una nuova versione del mitico sensible possa essere completata... dai raga nn vi arrendete maiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! ;)


# 138 Name: Jan Age: 24 Nationality: Czech
URL:   Play SWOS since: 98
Favourite player(s): Henrik Larsson Favourite team(s): Slovan Liberec
Comment: YODA soccer is great!


# 137 Name: Baz Age: 17 Nationality: English
URL: Play SWOS since: forever
Favourite player(s): Redknapp Favourite team(s): Liverpool
Comment: :checkit:


# 136 Name: sensiblefan Age: 22 Nationality: france
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1995
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s): san marino
Comment: hey great work! i really like it - but pls give us some more sensi feeling and enhance the player control. still missing some things. keep up the great work :)


# 135 Name: Kla Age: 24 Nationality:  
URL:   Play SWOS since:  
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: mitici!! sta venendo fuori un grande lavoro!!


# 134 Name: Kevin Kendall Age: 29 Nationality: English
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1992
Favourite player(s): Wayne Rooney Favourite team(s): Everton
Comment: Looking forward to the completed game!


# 133 Name: Sergio Camargo Age: 30 Nationality: Brazil
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1995 on Amiga 1200
Favourite player(s): Zidane Favourite team(s): Gremio
Comment: Amazing work! Way to go, guys! Its exactly how a new SWOS should be, the spirit of the game is intact. Please, dont give up...


# 132 Name: Hauke Age: 29 Nationality: German
URL: Play SWOS since: the AMIGA times
Favourite player(s): Lukas Podolski, Toni Polster, Pierre Littbarski, Toni Schumacher, Dirk Lottner, Thmas Cichon Favourite team(s): 1.FC Köln
Comment: great game - much fun. looking forward to the next update. hope there will be any - already nearly one year since the last one...


# 131 Name: Snader Age: 29 Nationality: Dutch
URL:   Play SWOS since:  
Favourite player(s): none Favourite team(s): benfica
Comment: Cant wait for this great game to play! Good luck with the progress!


# 130 Name: ProvoliK Age: 27 Nationality: Italia
URL: Play SWOS since: Amiga
Favourite player(s): Preben Elkjaer Larsen Favourite team(s): Hellas Verona
Comment: Ragazzi state facendo veramente qualche cosa di impressionante. I miei complimenti e spero di vedere questo progetto avanzare ancora :).


# 129 Name: Agent.M Age: 28 Nationality: uk
URL: Play SWOS since: Since on Amiga
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Nice job! keep it up


# 128 Name: Didier Age: 30 Nationality: French
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1994
Favourite player(s): J P Papin Favourite team(s): O.Marseille/ U.Craiova
Comment: in poco tempo poterro probare il gioco. Spero cha sara buono come Swos verione amiga. Ciao e grazie per i fanatici di questo giocco


# 127 Name: Ben Age: 25 Nationality: British
URL:   Play SWOS since: it came out on the Amiga
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s): Arsenal
Comment: Great job, guys! Keep this great game alive!


# 126 Name: Rynck van Dyck Age:   Nationality: German
URL:   Play SWOS since: a few seconds!
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Wonderfull!! Thanks a lot for this beautiful game!!


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