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# 175 Name: Wayne Age: 17 Nationality: German
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1Year
Favourite player(s): Alan Shearer Favourite team(s): Newcastle United
Comment: Hallo Yoda Soccer ist das Beste Spiel das ich je gespielt habe, Schade das man da nur Freundschaftspiele spielen kann, lg Wayne


# 174 Name: Chester Age: 29 Nationality: Poland
URL: Play SWOS since:  
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s): Wislok Strzyzow
Comment: Zapraszam do odwiedzania serwisu po¶wiêconego rozgrywkom Ligi Halowej Pi³ki No¿nej o Puchar Burmistrza Gminy i Miasta Strzy¿ów. Dostepny w internecie pod adresem .


# 173 Name: Empi Age: 20 Nationality: Polish
URL:   Play SWOS since: I was born... ;-)
Favourite player(s): Frankowski Favourite team(s): Wiselka... :-)
Comment: Well... Im waiting for official release of Yoda Soccer... It would be great to see better goalkeepers animation... Youd Soccer is the best SWOS clone Ive ever seen... Keep up the good work! :-)


# 172 Name: Joseph Age: 19 Nationality: english
URL:   Play SWOS since: it came out.
Favourite player(s): Michael Owen Favourite team(s): Scunthorpe United
Comment: im a massive swos fan and i was so pleased to find people still interested in it. i will be following the project with keen interest and ive joined the forum as: Ardour


# 171 Name: szu Age: 22 Nationality: poland
URL:   Play SWOS since:  
Favourite player(s): romario Favourite team(s): barcelona


# 170 Name: Ivan Age: 18 Nationality: Hong Kong
URL: Play SWOS since:  
Favourite player(s): David Beckham Favourite team(s): Real Madrid, Man Utd
Comment: This is a nice website !!


# 169 Name: Football Club Manager Age: 23 Nationality: ID
URL: Play SWOS since: 1998
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: nice site, visit and play football club manager at


# 168 Name: Murat Feyzifar Age: 19 Nationality: Turkey
URL: Play SWOS since: 94
Favourite player(s): Gheorge Hagi Favourite team(s): Galatasaray
Comment: I love SWOS & I love Yoda, i know you work everyday to improve Yoda and make it look like SWOS (there are few things to be done in order to catch to SWOS)... we support you...


# 167 Name: Julz Age: 16 Nationality: England
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1994
Favourite player(s): Roberto Baggio Favourite team(s): Man Utd
Comment: Brilliant!


# 166 Name: Olli Age: 26 Nationality: FIN
URL:   Play SWOS since: 96
Favourite player(s): Marcelinho, Antti Pohja Favourite team(s): Hertha Berlin, Tampere United
Comment: Cant even imagine how massive work you guys have done, but result is absolutly great!


# 165 Name: Mark Age: 34 Nationality: Yankee
URL:   Play SWOS since: 2001 (lame, I know!)
Favourite player(s): Figo, Thuram, Ljungberg, Raul Favourite team(s): Doncaster (!)
Comment: It looks better than the originals! Just curious if the AI for the goalies has improved since 0.68... Wrexham defeated Arsenal 3-0 in a computer vs. computer match this morning! Will download 0.70 today... keep up the refinements!


# 164 Name: Naam Onbekend Age: 15 Nationality: Dutch
URL: Play SWOS since: 1998
Favourite player(s): - Favourite team(s): PSV Eindhoven
Comment: Very good game! Everybody in my country plays it!


# 163 Name: cio Age: 15 Nationality: ita
URL:   Play SWOS since: 97
Favourite player(s): henry Favourite team(s): arsenal


# 162 Name: melvin Age:   Nationality:  
URL:   Play SWOS since:  
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: grandissimi! continuate così!!!!


# 161 Name: Chip Age: 30 Nationality: ITA
URL: Play SWOS since:  
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Ciao! sono Chip ormai la listona dei blitzer italiani è pronta e voi ne fate parte di DIRITTO! bwaahah! a presto e grande con Yoda Soccer!!!


# 160 Name: Brownin Age: 19 Nationality: English
URL:   Play SWOS since: 98
Favourite player(s): Marcelo Otero (value wise) Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Very pleased and interested to hear about a new SWOS-like game.Cant wait until youve finished and perfected it.I wish you all the best and wish i could help in someway.


# 159 Name: Henk Age: 31 Nationality: The Netherlands
URL:   Play SWOS since: 93
Favourite player(s): Vieri Favourite team(s): FC-Groningen
Comment: I hope the full version is coming soon.


# 158 Name: daniel Age: 21 Nationality: swe
URL:   Play SWOS since: 95
Favourite player(s): giggs Favourite team(s): notts c
Comment: I just want to encourage you to keep up the good work. I´ve benn logning for a new good top-down game. Afer i playes swos i started to play total soccer and 200 wich are reallý good games, but now i´m looking for the next step. I hope one day i can play a


# 157 Name: Lukas Age: 24 Nationality: CZE
URL: Mikula Play SWOS since: 1995
Favourite player(s): Hateley(QPR) Favourite team(s): Shefield Wed.


# 156 Name: nano Age: 22 Nationality: italian
URL: Play SWOS since: 1995
Favourite player(s): provitali :) Favourite team(s):  
Comment: ciao ragazzi... vi scrivo per farvi i compimenti e per fare un po di pubblicità al mio sito :) spero di rilasciare in.. boh, diciamo 6 mesi (qualcosa di più forse) una prima beta del mio clone di sensible soccer. intanto un ciao :)


# 155 Name: Gianluca Age: 30 Nationality: ITA
URL:   Play SWOS since: 199*
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Inutile dire che faccio il tifo per voi, continuate a svilupparlo!!!! :D


# 154 Name: daxus Age: 25 Nationality: Poland
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1992
Favourite player(s): tsymbalar Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Great work! Im lookin forward full ver. of game.


# 153 Name: Lukmas Age: 18 Nationality: Poland
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1994
Favourite player(s): Baggion, Raul Favourite team(s): Ac Milan, Real Madryt and of course Górnik Zabrze
Comment: In my opinion you did a great job. I hope youll do a multiplayer game.


# 152 Name: Manuele Age: 18 Nationality: italiana
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1995
Favourite player(s): Oliveira,Weah,Van basten Favourite team(s): Cagliari,Milan, Rangers, West Ham


# 151 Name: vile Age:   Nationality:  
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1992
Favourite player(s): Larsson Favourite team(s): Napoli
Comment: Innzitutto complimenti per il game! Poi volevo kiedere, ma una volta completato , sarà a pagamento il yoda soccer? quando sarà possibile fare qualke competizione--- magari potreste aggiungere la carrer ad due giocatori e il multiplayer on line


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